May 13th, 2020


Digitalocean deployment guide

  • @tomerd will create a generic guide for “how to deploy your Swift program”
  • @tanner0101 will integrate the the DO guide to ^^

Heroku buildpack deployment guide

  • @Logan_Wright to finalize

  • GSoC

    • Secured a spot for distributed tracing
    • Kicking off the project, @ktoso from Apple will mentor
    • Key is the context passing: explicit or implicit
    • Project communication will be done in forums and GitHub. Keep an eye open since it will potentially impact APIs in NIO, Vapor, etc
  • Distroless - works out of the box now, with building on ubuntu 18.04. See Additional Linux Distributions

  • MongoDB Proposal: [Feedback] MongoDB Swift driver

    • Unanimous vote to accept at the Sandbox level
    • @tomerd to add to the index
    • @tanner0101 update the thread with the decision
    • @tomerd to lock the thread
  • Discussion about when to nest types

    • Main rule: When natural because you always refer to that type within the container context. Or, a negative rule: If passing it around and have to qualify it (ie container.type) its a sign it should have not nested
    • Types that have a shared “context” but naming them to be “together” would be odd, e.g.: Errors when modeled as structs
    • Loose rule: Do not pollute the namespace
    • Protocols cannot be nested now under “namespaces” like enums
  • @johannesweiss suggested to change the package index to use the project name name instead of a descriptive form. Agreed to use the name as it appears in the project’s readme. @tomerd to update the index

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