May 10, 2023


@adam-fowler, @davmoser, @FranzBusch, @graskind, @patrick, @tachyonics, @tomerd

Action Items

  • @adam-fowler / @0xTim - to work with Fabian to make comments re: WebURL in a PR
  • All - review CodeQL project in preparation for a discussion in the next meeting around how the SSWG can assist
  • @tomerd - to work with Sebastian from AWS to review the the Amazon Linux 2023 PR
  • ALL - prepare for a discussion at the next meeting to review all Incubation projects and discuss if the status should change.

Prior Meeting Items

  • @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols - (Carryover)
  • @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work - (Carryover)
  • @ktoso / @adam-fowler to file a ticket about updating the tracing docs to provide guidance on how locks should be used with tracing - (Carryover)
  • @ktoso to integrate survey into yearly blog post - (Carryover)
  • @tomerd to take a look at Amazon Linux 2023 toolchain PR - (Tom is working with Sebastian)
  • @patrick to get the final swiftly 0.1.0 stuff ready - (progress being made - working on a PR)
  • @tomerd to organize core team link up based around the 2023 goals - (Carryover)


  • the group started using a Slack thread for the meeting agenda for the first time. This week's was started by @0xTim .
  • @0xTim proposed we review the WebURL project for incubation status. Fabian provided comments in the thread. As he is not a member of the SSWG, we will ask him to make his comments in the PR
  • @adam-fowler questioned if we should review all best practices docs for updates. @FranzBusch suggested we wait until until Q3 until concurrency has further matured.
  • @tomerd - indicated we should perform an incubation review of all projects every 6 months. The team then reviewed the status of all incubating projects. it was agreed we should have a more in-depth discussion with the entire team at the next meeting. Specific projects to discuss include: Postges, Redis, Crypto, OpenAI, Lamnda runtime, and Service Lifecycle
  • @adam-fowler - asked for the group's help with reviewing CodeQL for Swift. This is a Github based security vulnerability scanning service. The group agreed the members should review and add PRs.
  • @davmoser - provided an update on the AWS SAM extension for Swift Lambdas. He intends to publish the project within the next 4 weeks and follow that with a blog post on and/or AWS.

If the team is going to review the status of all incubating projects, perhaps it would be good to share with the project maintainers (publicly or privately) the outcome of their project status.

APNSwift has been incubating for 4 years now

Yes we just went through projects and there will be an update about all projects and their status change (or no change). :+1:

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