Markdown 'Horizontal Rule' syntax not supported

I am trying to use 'Horizontal Rule' syntax as Divider. But this doesn't work in the Xcode 15.0(15A240d).

Will this be supported in future versions?

Here is syntax cheat sheet:

Here is used demo:

Swift-Markdown has no problem identifying this grammar into a ThematicBreak.

The issue seems to be swift-docc does not consume ThematicBreak and the visitThematicBreak in RenderContentCompiler use a default implementation instead of a concrete one producing info into the json file.

We can add a new mark for this information, emit it into the docc-archive and make
swift-docc-render and Xcode consume the new mark.

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@limchihi Would you mind creating a Feature Request issue here so that we can track and implement it later.