"Mark all as read"?

I use the styling of unread threads to know what’s changed since I last visited. Sometimes I skip threads because they’re not interesting or outside my areas of expertise.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to mark everything as read without manually visiting each thread and “reading” everything.

Am I just not seeing the proper button, or does it not exist? And if it doesn’t exist, can we get it added please?

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Well, if you go to https://forums.swift.org/unread there is a “Dismiss” button that might do something useful, not entirely sure though.

It does a little bit, but doesn't "gray out" topics as if I had read them:

Weird, it definitely does for me. Well, it takes two clicks—one on the dismiss button, and then another on the dismiss button in the overlay that pops up—but it definitely grays out the topics.

Ah, that clears out the “Unread” area, but it does not clear out the “New” area, so new items still show up as black when you’re in “Latest” (which is where I hang out).

Oh, interesting. I hadn’t noticed that.

Well, you can change what criteria qualify a topic as “new” in your notification preferences. Not sure if that helps though.