March 7th, 2019



swift 5 docker image is work in progress. was held back due to clang changes in swift 5 which landed this week, so efforts can now resume


code is ready to go, discussing various naming options, landed on swift-log as repo name and Logging as module name. likely to publish next week after swift-nio 2.0 work winds down

swift-nio 2.0

nio 2.0 release candidate is expected early next week. goal is stable api to unblock frameworks and users from upgrading to swift 5


passed internal review, expected to move to the proposal feedback phase next week


code is maturing, proposal is work in progress

http client (new)

community has requested this for a long time, and has actively pitched for it. there are various incomplete implementation across the different teams and in the community, including an apple internal one which apple is happy to share with the community. leaning towards a new shared space to do this under the swift-server GitHub org, and seed by merging some of the existing implementations