March 4th, 2021


Action items


  • Discussed various security and CVE related topics, polishing up our understanding what is necessary to build a good security guideline

Meeting notes

  • Konrad worked on the log levels some more, action item to finish it up
  • Tim, MultiPart kit pitched and will become a proposal

Better "frontend tools" integrations

  • Tim, thoughts about frontend tools and support from the SSWG
  • make it more attractive to frontends with swiftpm tools
    • the concerns are that the person said: the sswg dont seem to have direction about web development
    • is not clear if frontend development is a focus of the sswg
    • should we add this to our goals; at least the SPM and "we support building such plugins"; we don't necessarily need to build those.
    • Konrad: this seems to be "solved" by the extensible SPM tools, but we should call that out in our "2021 plans blog"

SSWG and more community participation:

  • We're interested in reaching out to more community members to voice their opinions in SSWG meetings, Tim to reach out to a few people directly.
  • We're more than open to various community members joining in to discussions in general - just reach out to any of the members if interested in some specific topics that are currently being discussed :slight_smile:

Connection pooling:

  • @0xTim: Joannis and Nathan want to attend a meeting on this
    • suggest to reach out and schedule some time? Could be in an SSWG meeting or a separate meeting -- likely also with Cory?
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