March 4th, 2020

Backtrace on Linux

@tomerd to confirm final location (apple or swift-server) before publishing a pitch.

Deployment Guides

Initial content posted to

SSWG index scope and goals

@tanner0101 reviewed the incubation process language and working on a PR to make sure the above is clear enough, see

@swift-server-group to review


@tanner0101 gave the group a overview of the outstanding pitches and libraries.

The group feels that OpenAPIKit is a good building block for OpenAPI based solutions and encourages the @mattpolzin to move to the proposal phase where we can discussion the implementation


Apple has suggested this as a topic for Google Summer of Code, and some students have expressed interest.

@tanner0101 gauging the interest with the relevant folks from the Vapor Discord


The library could be useful for the server, @tanner to evaluate if interesting in the vapor ecosystem. If so, reach out to author to ask about pitching/propsing to SSWG.


Proposal has been up for the required 2 weeks, and has positive feedback. Adopted in Vapor 4.

Unanimous voted to be included as Sandbox.

@tomerd to update the index.


@timburks discussing inside Google a transition plan to the swift-nio based version. lots of dependencies on the old version, might need a shim

@johannesweiss to get an answer on branching: if master will become the new, NIO based version leading 1.0.0