March 31st, 2021


Updates from last meeting

  • MultipartKit port from C to Swift is making progress
  • 2020 Retrospective is making progress. The 2021 Goals section needs attention
  • Vapor use of log levels has been fixed and next moving to implementation
  • NIO PR was merged (new capability, not a breaking change) for async->ELF and will ship in the next release

Action Items

  • @varland Follow-up with the Amazon OSS team re: open process questions
  • @ktoso Log-level PR, please move forward by one week.
  • @SSWG Please provide input on Log-level PR. Goal is to finalize the content then @tomerd will then help turn into a blog post
  • @johannesweiss Schedule 2021 Goals interim working session 8AM PT 4-7
  • @varland Reach out to AWS author and @0xTim to reach out to Azure contact to get Cloud guides sorted and published.
  • @0xTim and @graskind Turn SQLiteNIO and MySQLNIO into proposals
  • @johannesweiss Once Swift async support releases, move into NIO module as new API

New Items

2021 Goals

  • Reduce developer pain when working across Apple and non-Apple platforms
  • Goal of Swift PM to be more intelligent on making choices
  • Embedded?
  • Support for async in NIO, Vapor, Lambda, Mongo and Smoke (including feedback to the Swift team)
  • Migration to Registry
  • Transition path to new concurrency model

The 'April 1 Agenda' link is reporting a "private or missing" page response when I try and access it. I suspect a typo'd link.

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