March 30, 2022


  • Adam
  • Gwynne
  • Patrick
  • Tim
  • Todd
  • Simon
  • Konrad
  • Kaitlin
  • Jimmy

Action Items

  • @graskind finalize SQLite proposal
  • @0xTim Open PR to open source with 2021 Update – in progress
  • @0xTim, @adam-fowler resurrect old bug about requiring Xcode to run tests (need link)
  • @tomerd create PR for adding SSWG guides to
  • @fabianfett to reach out to @mishal_shah regarding for the default Swift docker image to depend on Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy)
  • @tomerd Swift Server CI should support linux arm64
  • @ktoso All members are now on summer time again... We need to find a new meeting time.
  • @all review swiftly updates


  • @0xTim created new SSWG Community organisation

    • @0xTim added wording to Incubation requirements related to projects having two admins, in GitHub and GitLab this is only possible if they are under an organisation. Incubation update
  • The current default swift Dockerimage uses ubuntu bionic as the underlying os. Since Swift only supports arm64 starting with focal, users on arm processors can not use docker run swift. Instead they need to explicitly require focal: docker run swift-focal. With the next ubuntu lts release around the corner 22.04 ("jammy") we want to the default swift Dockerimage to depend on "jammy" directly for Swift 5.7.

    • For the default Swift Dockerimage to depend on ubuntu jammy we need a toolchain for jammy first.
    • Once we have the toolchain we need a nightly image.
    • If the nightly jammy image works great, we can use it jammy for the default Swift 5.7 Dockerimage.
    • Fallback option: Swift 5.7 Dockerimage depends on focal by default.
    • [AI] for Fabian to drive this
    • Tracked with SR-16117
  • The community asks for backtrace support on arm64.

  • Karl proposes weburl.

    • Fabian will be review manager
  • Workgroup updates are pilling up again. In the future we want to check first in every SSWG meeting, if the last meeting notes were published.

  • Patrick. Swiftly updates: Some updates were pushed.


Link for macOS needing Xcode to run swift test