March 2, 2022

Posting for @tomerd since he's out and we didn't want to postpone posting notes longer.

Carry over

  • @tomerd to help with setting it up VSCode CI
  • @ktoso working with potentially additional maintainers for Swift Prometheus: , still trying to get a hold of the author to do a transfer / get admin access
  • @0xTim to finalize audit packages for appropriate access
  • @graskind to finalize SQLite proposal
  • @fabianfett and @ktoso to finalize SwiftMetrics/SwiftMetricsExtra module naming and document it
    • done; needs some more docs though

5.6 and Sendable

  • Need adjustment to Sendable in
    • SwiftNIO
    • AsyncHTTPClient
    • Metrics
    • Log
    • Corelib Foundation
  • Action items:
    • Write a guide on how to go from 5.5 -> 5.6 wrt to Sendable -> @ktoso
    • The SSWG to come up with a plan for how to move the ecosystem over -> @ktoso to help drive
      • What is the right order of libraries to migrate, what are the blocker for migrating frameworks like vapor, smoke, soto, hummingbird, etc
    • Start migrating the core libraries to support Sendable
  • The general trend is that it’s difficult to have a framework that is both EvenLoopFuture and Async & Sendable. Discussion about the solution being cutting new major versions across the ecosystem where APIs are Async & Sendable based and not EventLoopFuture

JSON pitch

  • Json
  • @kmahar to loop back with author, see if intention is to go though incubation


  • @patrick put together an initial design
  • Key idea is to have an easy way to install and switch between active versions of the toolchain
  • Areas for further discussions:
    • Naming conventions for snapshot etc
    • Discussion about how to use RPMs/Debs vs tarballs and managing system dependencies
    • How to best integrate with Xcode and xcode-select
  • Action items
    • Team to read through the proposed design and provide feedback

hi yes, my goal is to get swift-json into incubation soon. i’m currently watching the progress of swift-url and am interested in seeing how well the process goes for that project as well.