March 17th, 2021


Previous Meeting Follow-Up

  • MultipartKit has been pitched and Vapor are working on porting the C library to Swift.
  • Log-level PR making good progress
  • @johannesweiss has started the 2020 retrospective

Meeting notes

  • @kmahar spoke about logging in MongoDB. The C driver makes proper use of Swift Log difficult though some workaround were discussed.
  • We need to decide on our 2021 goals, we should probably do this when there are more people at the meeting.
  • There was a question about whether the deployment guides warranted a blog post, but it was decided that it's probably unnecessary. We should however push to get the Cloud guides finished
  • @johannesweiss discussed integration testing with databases. @0xTim offered some perspectives for Fluent and how this is possible with its revert and migrate commands. Fluent/Vapor could offer better documentation for how to make the most of this. @tachyonicssaid that integration testing with DynamoDB in Smoke currently manually involves setting up and destroying the tables.
  • @0xTim talk about Vapor’s integration with the ecosystem. Discussed Vapor’s overuse of error log level.
  • @0xTim raised Swift 5.5 and async/await.
  • @johannesweiss mentioned that SSS is in a unique position as most people can adopt the latest Swift versions immediately and SSS tends to make heavier use of futures compared to client side.
  • It was agreed that we should come up with a plan in how we're going to approach this as a Working Group.
  • @johannesweiss discussed that NIO may add a _NIOConcurrency module in a proper NIO release to make it easy to experiment with.
  • @tachyonics discussed going from async to EventLoopFuture as well as the other way around. @johannesweiss agreed this could be useful and will add it to his NIO PR.
  • We need to decide a new meeting time once DST rolls out globally.

Action items

  • @johannesweiss to follow up with Amazon with his security PR
  • @tomerd ? to push to getting the Cloud guides sorted
  • @0xTim to pitch SQLiteNIO and MySQLNio
  • @0xTim to raise issue in Vapor for reviewing its use of log levels
  • @johannesweiss to add async->ELF in his PR and investigate getting it releases as a separate module
  • everyone - work out a suitable meeting time
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