March 16, 2022

Action Items

  • @ktoso working with potentially additional maintainers for Swift Prometheus: Someone reached out still need to get back to them
  • @0xTim create GitHub SSWG Community organisation
  • @0xTim add wording to Incubation requirements related to projects having two admins, in GH this is only possible if they are under an organisation.
  • @adam-fowler verify Tim has admin rights to Soto organisation
  • @graskind finalize SQLite proposal
  • @0xTim Open PR to open source with 2021 Update
  • @kmahar talk to swift-json owner about writing a proposal
  • @0xTim, @adam-fowler resurrect old bug about requiring Xcode to run tests.
  • @tomerd create PR for adding SSWG guides to
  • @tomerd setup meeting to discuss Sendable conformance


  • @tomerd to help with setting it up VSCode CI - Done
  • @0xTim to finalize audit packages for appropriate access.
    • @0xTim Found out you cannot add a second administrator to repositories that belong to single user. They need to be under an organisation for this to be possible. Decided that all incubated packages must be under an organisation. Will create a SSWG community organisation for packages that don't already have an organisation or where the owner does not want to manage an organisation.
    • @tomerd no need to do this for Sandbox projects as this just raises the bar even higher.
  • SwiftMetricsExtras to be renamed MetricsTestKit
  • OpenVSX: Eclipse agreement is with Apple Legal. Progress is being made
  • swift-json: @kmahar approached owner about writing a proposal and they are keen
  • VSCode testing broken by Swift 5.6:
    • @adam-fowler VSCode uses xctest executable from Xcode to run tests on macOS and am no longer able to invoke it with swift-lldb. Related bug can be found here [SR-15997] Swift 5.6 LLDB breaks Visual Studio Code swift extension - Swift. How do we stop this happening again?
    • @tomerd all swift releases go through extensive integration testing but don't include things like VSCode. Could we use CI to catch this?
    • @adam-fowler Not this situation as it is dependent on xctest which is not included in the swift nightlies. Would be easier if xctest was part of swift releases. Would be good to include VSCode in integration tests though.
    • @tomerd possibly we pitch adding option to swift cli to use same method of test generation as Linux
  • Slowness of updates to swift-corelib-foundation
    • @tomerd Foundation team are busy. In the particular case mentioned there was an oversight and review comments had been left pending.
  • @tomerd should we create a PR to put SSWG guides on General agreement is yes.
  • @ktoso has written a doc with tips on setting up Sendable conformance. Discussed doc briefly. Decided to setup a separate meeting in a weeks time to discuss document in more detail.