Manually set a @BindingState variable?

I have a @BindingState which is accessed in a Component.

PickerSymbolSheet(isSelecting: viewStore.$isSelectingSymbol) { selectedSymbol in

I wanted to set isSelectingSymbol manually via a button tap. I used this (and it works)
viewStore.send(.binding(.set(\.isSelectingSymbol, true)))
but it gives me a deprecated warning:
'set' is deprecated: For improved safety, bindable properties must now be wrapped explicitly in 'BindingState', and accessed via key paths to that 'BindingState', like '\.$value'

What's the updated way of doing this?

The deprecation warning does describe to you exactly how to fix the problem. You want to use the \.$isSelectingSymbol key path instead of \.isSelectingSymbol.

Could you show my by code on how do I set that binding var?

You'll want to prepend the key path in the line giving you the warning:

-viewStore.send(.binding(.set(\.isSelectingSymbol, true)))
+viewStore.send(.binding(.set(\.$isSelectingSymbol, true)))
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Cool! Thanks Stephen!