Lullaby - Functional DSP / Audio Framework for Swift

Lullaby - Functional DSP / Audio Framework for Swift

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Hi, as some of you might have seen in this post, I am currently building a cross-platform audio synthesis / computer music framework for Swift, something that can be an alternative to SuperCollider, Max, Pure Data or FAUST.

It runs natively on both macOS and Linux, and I tested it on my MBP and Raspberry Pi 4B. It should run on iOS and Windows too but I couldn't test them just yet. Maybe iOS will have some problem regarding the build processes.

I just updated it with MiniAudio Backend, added MIT license, polished some rough bits. And I think now it's ready for some feedback. It's still very bare-bones in terms of feature, but I would like some guidance in terms of its future direction, especially in terms of performance viability. I am not an expert in the area of DSP, nor in C, so I am hitting a lot of walls.

I hope creative coding community in Swift will grow further in the future, so hopefully this will be a little bit of help.


i wonder if you could split the c dependency into another package so it doesn't show as only 1% swift .

Yeah that kinda caught me off guard too. Apparently there's a .gitattributes flag I can use to prevent that. Maybe I'll set that up.

+ Edit: Done!

If you need guidance on how to optimize for performance, I could lend you a hand. I have lots of experience with C. Also, I made the MetalFFT repository for fast Fourier transforms on a GPU.

Regarding testing, Swift-Colab should be an easy extra Linux platform to use.

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