Local Swift Package

I have a local swift Package question.
File > New > Package, and File > Add Package > Add Local, the file structure is different.

[File > New > Package]

[File > Add Package > Add Local]
스크린샷 2023-06-06 오후 5.32.18

When I did [File > Add Package > Add Local], it was going into the Packages folder.

What's different, and which way should I use it when?
Does anyone know anything about this, and if so, please explain.

Its likely just a bug, I suggest filing a feedback report. Regardless, I think you can just move (via click+drag) the Package the desired "Group".

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This is intentional, because File => New allows you to pick a destination group yourself

whereas the local package workflow doesn't, so it chooses a consistent location for all packages being added.