Local Notifications

I would like to do a verse of the day local notification in a Swift app. How can I get the actual notification to show an entire verse (5-7 lines long) without the ... at the end of the second line. Very much appreciate your help.

As Swift Forums is all about the language Swift, you might have more luck asking your question somewhere dedicated to the platform you’re targeting. For a question about notifications on (presumably) iOS, I recommend the DevForums System Frameworks > Notifications topic area.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

I am referring to writing a swift app. The app is mostly written now and has been tested to present the local notification correctly. Code is working but... The problem is it only allows for two lines in the body of the notification and then prints ellipses marks. I would like to print the entire verse and address in the notification.

Quinn is right; while you’re using the Swift language, you’re also using Apple’s system APIs, and in this case your question is more about those APIs than the basic language. Apple would prefer that such discussion happens in their forums rather than here.