LLDB Process Attach Failed When Waiting

I have a Swift process that is launched by another process on Linux. I am attempting to debug the Swift process with LLDB. I'm using process attach --name "<name>" --waitfor but everytime I do it immediately returns error: attach failed: lost connection.

I've been searching to find an answer to no avail.

I stumbled upon this gem

LLDB is improving on Linux. While the debugserver has not been ported (to enable remote debugging) Linux is nearing feature completeness with Darwin to debug x86_64 programs, and is partially working with i386 programs. ARM architectures on Linux are untested. For more details, see the Features by OS section below.

Is anyone aware if the --waitfor is part of the features that are as yet not supported on Linux? I know this capability works on macOS.

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It looks like it is not implemented in lldb-server.

@dcci @Frederic_Riss

@rlovelett you're correct. It would be a good starting project if somebody is interested in contributing.

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My first draft at a patch that addresses this issue has been sent to the LLDB mailing list. I figured I would share it here as well in case someone was interested. I cannot upload patches to the forums so you'll need to go get it from the mailing list if you are interested in it.

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