LinuxMain.swift in Swift Package Manager for Cygwin (or other platform)

I executed the command ‘swift package init’.
The generated directory ‘Tests/’ has the file LinuxMain.swift and ‘swift build’ compiles it. (I think the name of LinuxMain.swift is hard coded in SPM source.)
I am porting (and ported) SPM to Cygwin and other OS. Which is the best choice for the main test file name?

  1. same name - LinuxMain.swift
  2. analogous name - CygwinMain.swift
  3. Newly common name - TestMain.swift or other

I want that many packages are easily compatible with OS X, Linux, Cygwin, etc.

/cc @Aciid

I think for now lets stick with LinuxMain.swift but we should think about introducing a more generic file name (like TestMain.swift) as Swift is ported to other platforms.

/cc @ddunbar