Linux docker build: cmake error (ignore this, just a user error)

I'm trying to build with the ubuntu 16.04 image used for CI.
Case-sensitive APFS partion.
cmake version 3.5.1

Has anyone run into this? @mishal_shah, @Michael_Gottesman, @compnerd?

CMake Error at /home/docker_user/src/s/llvm/cmake/modules/LLVM-Config.cmake:105 (target_link_libraries):
The plain signature for target_link_libraries has already been used with
the target "swift". All uses of target_link_libraries with a target must
be either all-keyword or all-plain.

${DOCKER_SRC_PATH}/swift/utils/build-script --assertions --release --test --validation-test --lit-args=-v --build-ninja --reconfigure --build-subdir=buildbot_incremental --llbuild --swiftpm --xctest --foundation --libdispatch

Nope, haven't seen that before. That is pretty interesting though since we are being explicit about the linkage. Do you have the full logs?

@compnerd This was user error. I cloned a new repo and didn't have master tracking the right remote repo, so update-checkout didn't work properly. LLVM build is running now, so we'll see how far it gets...