Linking issue in Release configuration while using Swift Concurrency & subclassing

See GitHub repo for example : GitHub - quentinfasquel/swift-task-linking-issue

Xcode is enable to archive and result in a linker issue that looks like this :

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Undefined symbol: _$s9MyPackage12BaseViewCellC10fetchImage33_E60440A7DCC6C30106DE4911E7F47BA4LLySo7UIImageCSg10Foundation3URLVYaFTu

The Swift scenario is the following :

  • given a class ‘open’ in a static library (SPM)
  • if that class has an ‘open’ method performing an asynchronous Task, which itself calls an internal (or private) method
  • when subclassing that class
  • Xcode Archive can’t make it through linking

I found it a bit crazy and haven't had much feedback on it. Seems like maybe people aren't subclassing much in Swift these days ?

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