Link to the forum from the Forums section of

When I want to visit these forums I go to, and look in the menu from the top down. The first thing that mathes is "Community", which I expand. The next thing that matches is "Forums", but when I follow that entry I'm taken to a Forums section that has not a single link to the actual forums. Instead there's a link to Code of Conduct.

I don't know about you, but as an unfrequen visitor I had to resort to a web search after having tried to find a path to the forums on


Thanks for reporting this. I will fix this now.

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Thank you.

It's such a relief to report problems to sensible people. You didn't even point out the (irrelevant) fact that there is a link to the forums on the top of that same page. I mean, I know you wouldn't, I'm just trying to express how uncommon that is :+1:

Also, I've had a few :beer: