libSwiftSyntax.dylib without swiftmodules in Toolachains?

(Marcin Krzyzanowski) #1

I've noticed that Toolchains comes with usr/lib/swift/macosx/libSwiftSyntax.dylib (and lib_InternalSwiftSyntaxParser.dylib), however there is no *.swiftmodule in usr/lib/swift/macosx/x86_64.

Wouldn't it be great to have *.swiftmodules and being able to use SwiftSyntax right from the tollchain?

(Argyrios Kyrtzidis) #2

Not quite sure why we put libSwiftSyntax.dylib in the toolchain, @Nathan_Hawes is the stress-tester linking swift-syntax statically or dynamically ?

(Nathan Hawes) #3

I'm pretty sure sk-stress-test and swift-evolve both link against it dynamically, and that's why it was added.

(Marcin Krzyzanowski) #4

ok, since it's there, and for a reasons. Can't we go with swiftmodules too ?

(Ankit Aggarwal) #5

It seems wrong to have it mixed with the stdlib dylibs. Can we move it to <TOOLCHAIN>/usr/lib/swift/SwiftSyntax/libSwiftSyntax.dylib or somewhere similar?