Let the community do more?

In the Pitch to Proposal Process thread I have realized we haven’t yet done much to scale the way the whole Swift ecosystem moves forward. The community can mostly do things like submit & discuss pitches and proposals, submit pull requests and create new Jira issues, but that all can be roughly described as adding more work to be done. By someone else. That doesn’t scale much.

There will always be a fairly small number of people that can work on the compiler itself, but there’s a lot that can be done by a widening circle – improving the website, taking care of the forum, triaging bugs and PRs on GitHub, etc. It would hopefully take some pressure off of the core team and provide more ways for interested people to participate. Does that make sense? Could we improve that?

As a starter, would it make sense to create a forum category dedicated to this topic, something akin to Rust’s internals:policy? A place where we could discuss how the community works and what could be done to make it work better?

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