Learning Swift

I am a beginner in swift and i want to know where i can learn swift for beginners ? Is iOS development by stanford good ?

It’s how I first learned Swift. I think it’s really good if you already have a bit of coding experience in an object oriented programming language like Java. For a total beginner I think it would be too advanced. Give it a go but don’t be discouraged if you can’t keep up, it’s not a 1st year level course.

I read in The Swift Programming Language 4.2 by Apple but I can’t continue. I reached to class but there is alot of things. I think i have to learn before i learn class. I reached to page 26 of 1187 i think. I don’t know what should i do ?. Continuing with that book and start iOS development course. I know alot of basics of Java and I developed basics apps in android

weheartswift.com has a free beginner level Swift course. Also, I bet the Swift Apprentice book at raywenderlich.com is good. I haven't read it personally but I have bought other books from there which are all excellent.

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You might want to take a look at Intro to App Development with Swift and App Development with Swift, both are official ebooks from Apple, along with The Swift Programming Language. Tutorials from raywenderlich.com and hackingwithswift.com are also very helpful.

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Did you try weheartswift.com ?. I think hackingwithswift.com have the same idea from zero to hero. I want to start with this idea but the organization of the tutorial is better than what it contains this tutorial. I am bad with English so try to understand me :smile:

Then permit me to make a guess based on your name.

I entered “Swift العربية” into Google and it displayed this YouTube series:
دورة اساسيات سويفت بالعربي

I cannot evaluate its quality, and I have no way of knowing how intelligible the dialect is to yours, but it seems worth a try anyway.

(If I guessed your native language incorrectly, I apologize. Let me know what you really do speak and I will look again.)

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Yep, Arabic my native language :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for helping me a second time. I’ll watch this series

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