Language book p5 'You can open this chapter in playgrounds'- how to

The language book says you can open the first chapter in Playgrounds on macOS. I can't find a way to do that. I am running Monterey 12.3.1 with Playgrounds 4.0. When I click File > Open Playground it just shows an empty screen, and File > Import Playground goes to a chooser window but I don't know where the book is stored and searching with 'swift' doesn't show it.

Try to use Xcode to open the file with the extension .playground (GuidedTour.playground)

Thanks. I explicitly want to open it in Playgrounds as is written in the 'The Swift Programming Language Swift 5.6 Edition', page5.
I opened Xcode (latest version 13), and clicked File > Open, then typed 'Guided' in the search box, made sure I was on 'This Mac', and I still can't see the book.
When I go in to Books, I have no idea where those books I am reading are stored.

Click on the blue link shown above in the online version of the book: A Swift Tour — The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.7)

Open the downloaded file by double-clicking (unzipping first if your browser doesn’t automatically unzip downloads).

If you prefer to open in Playgrounds, drag and drop the unzipped file onto the Playgrounds Dock icon.

Thank you very much xwu. You've cleared the fog in my mind. I was reading the online version of the book.
I thought I already had that chapter on my computer (since I was reading it), and mis-understood the link as pointing to the Playgrounds App in case I didn't have it already.
Now I have clicked the link, I have a copy of the chapter in my downloads folder.
I think the text of the book should say "download a copy of the chapter by clicking the link below, then open it as a playground in Xcode or directly in the Playgrounds App."