Kitura or Vapor for a new server project?

I have a project which will need a small local webserver, and I want to try using a Swift framework. I've looked into Kitura and Vapor, and they both seem to have decent API's and the features I need. I'm curious about whether these projects are both actively developed and well supported, and whether there are any major differentiating features that set one or the other apart.

If anyone has an opinion on this I would be very happy to hear it.

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@Spencer_Kohan If fear this question will not get you any real answers, just other people’s personal preference, which may be completely different from yours.

Both projects are very actively developed and participate in the Swift Server Work Group, so if you’re doing a small project, why not try both? Both will get you good results, and by trying them out for yourself, you’ll know which API you prefer.


For this I would make one for each Vapor and IBM Kitura. Also make sure you try and

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