Keeping one slider at 100%

I am unsure how best to proceed with a set of five sliders that behave independently, as one of them must always be set to the maximum range of the slider.

My thinking goes that if the user set each of the sliders, bar one, to less than 100 (maximum), and then that maximum slider is moved, that the closest slider to 100 (e.g. 80) will jump up to 100 to take its place.

I don't believe that sliders can be frozen, an I'm not confident that the user would understand that logic, so it best to allow every slider to be mutable, and then visually ramp up the closest to 100 to take its place.

Any thoughts ?

Hello @rHockWorks, this forum is about the Swift programming language, and your question is off-topic.

You will get the answers you are expecting in a dedicated forum, such as

Happy sliders!


What do you mean, Sliders exist in SwiftUI.

Yes, you are correct. But SwiftUI is an Apple framework, and this forum is not about those. Please see Members answering questions about Apple frameworks. You'll see that it is better to ask a question about SwiftUI, or UX, in other places on the Internet, so that this forum remains focused on its intended topic: the Swift programming language.


I see, thank you.

Feel free to delete the thread.

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