June 23rd 2021

Attendance: @kmahar @tachyonics @varland @0xTim @ktoso @tomerd

  • AWS deployment guide PR mostly ready
    • [AI] [@varland to work with author to get over the finish line.
  • [AI] @ktoso and @tomerd to seed a list of desired content for guides. This will be tracked with GitHub issues on the "guides" repo (done)
  • [AI carry over] @ktoso to continue discussing GitHub Actions with @0xTim and @slashmo
  • [AI carry over] @0xTim to revisit evolution process language
  • [AI carry over] Everyone to post survey ideas on forum post
  • @tomerd to address @tachyonics and @0xTim feedback re. swift.org/server update
  • [AI] Reach out to the package maintainers to ensure they follow the new guidelines:
    • @tomerd to follow up with OpenAPI maintainers to adopt the new security guidelines
    • @kmahar to adopt new security guidelines in MongoDB client (done)
  • [AI] @ktoso to review new/renewed atom plugin and add to list of IDE plugins on the guides page (done)
  • [AI] @tomerd to update the group on linux dot release that fixes 5.4 compiler crashes
  • @0xTim is testing and will document his experience with VSCode full time. Overall had a good experience with some issues around jump to definition, test integration, and configuration awkwardness. There may be an opportunity for the SSWG to help drive improvements to the integration
    • [AI] @tomerd can help drive required SwiftPM features and @0xTim can help drive drive plugin work.
  • Initial vapor feedback on a/a: removing EL/ELF from most places, lack of support in corelib-foundation can be painful, open questions on custom executor and performance impact in lack of such.
  • [AI] @tomerd to schedule an out-of-band meeting to review package maturity on 6/30 (done)
  • DocC is an interesting new tool form Apple, once it is open sourced and available on all/most platforms we should discuss what role it can play in the server ecosystem and if we need to write some guides about it for server developers.

Looking forward to see what comes of this, especially the documentation.