June 15th, 2022

Attendees: @adam-fowler, @davmoser, @kmahar, @patrick, @0xTim, @tomerd, @graskind, @tachyonics, @fabianfett, @ktoso

Action Items

@tomerd to take survey to core team.
@adam-fowler to create issue about extended information about tests
@adam-fowler to confirm if the broken listing tests is still an issue
@fabianfett to create design meeting with @ktoso, @adam-fowler and @tachyonics around standardising http client functionality
@0xTim to look into standard WedAuthn library
@graskind to create post about workarounds for property wrappers.
@adam-fowler and @patrick to discuss with mishal_shah about Swiftly repo.

Done since last time

@tomerd has given access to SSWG areas and provided announcement.


@graskind Carry over SQL lite proposal
@0xTim Carry over TSAN failure. Some issues have come up from forums.
@patrick and @adam-fowler has spoken about swiftly. On the agenda today. General agreement to merge design and start work. Discuss with mishal_shah about which repository to use.
@kmahar not done incorporating new questions into survey. Will push once done. Finalise at next meeting potentially. How should we review it. hborla previously did a survey. May be able to use the same mechanism.
@adam-fowler made two posts about linux only changes. @tomerd - anything critical for 5.7 should be raised

  1. Action item to follow up
  2. Action item to follow up. May just be the specific version and may be fixed
  3. Radar created. Is being tracked but low priority
  4. Tom poked team, hopefully will provide a fix

Language Workgroup

Focus on changes to the language
Separate from the Core team. More strategic, oversight. Language taking up most core team
May need more coordination between workgroups
Open question on who steers tooling including cross platform. Maybe tooling workgroup?
Server workgroup has been the template.

Apple Server APIs

Could vend packages for server use cases
Next step create a design and determine next steps


Positive reception to creating separate WebAuthn library

Swift Package Index

Informal relationship with Swift Package Index. Seperate to registry. @0xTim knows both of them very well.

Property wrappers

@graskind Get issue for Holly.


Drop likes on previous weeks notes @adam-fowler @graskind/jdmcd