June 12th: Swift Community Social in San Jose, CA!

A few contributors are throwing a happy hour of sorts for contributors and Swift enthusiasts that live in the Bay Area and/or in town for WWDC. (Yes, if you post on the forums, you are a contributor! :) )

Details: Swift Community Social @ WWDC24 Tickets, Wed, Jun 12, 2024 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

Hope to see you!

  • Paris

Hello Paris! This might be a good thing to add to Paul Hudson's list (GitHub - twostraws/wwdc: WWDC Community: Learning and sharing together) which definitely seems most up-to-date of the community lists. It might be good also to ping Timirah at Apple; my understanding is things will be officially listed on the wwdc website if they'll attract 50+ people and meet community-oriented criteria.

Allllso -- if anyone is going to this, does not work at Apple, and thinks it would be fun to make a open-source-contributions-event happen that week -- we're trying to make that happen at One More Thing next door. We need to find people who have contributed to the public repos, are 'experts' who could help others do the same, and don't work at Apple.

If that's you and you see this we need you! We're looking for you! Help us encourage open source contributions! DM me to discuss.