June 12th, 2019

Attendees: @IanPartridge , @weissi , @mishal_shah , @tkremenek , @Logan_Wright , @tanner0101

Docker: Mishal joined to discuss publishing nightlies to Docker Hub. Happy to scope out doing this - it would involve some infra work from Apple but in principle happy to do this. We would prioritise Swift 5.1 convergence nightlies, add master afterwards. Would prioritise having the latest build available, historical builds can come later. Just full images, not slim.

Ubuntu 14.04 update: there are still users although usage is believed to be low. Mishal will check the stats. When we switch it off, we'll start with master.

Naming collisions: Johannes explained the current status, post discussions around WWDC. There are a number of separate but related problems.

  • Git repo name and package name must be unique. Our recommendation is to make these the same (NIORedis doesn't do this at the moment). There may be an upcoming SPM change to enforce this but for now we'll do it by convention.

  • Module names must be unique. This is harder, for now we have to do something convention and prefix based. We will use SSWG process to enforce stronger rules for "our" packages to avoid collisions between SSWG packages. Also evangelise this to the broader Swift community as this isn't just a server-side problem (iOS apps importing 3rd party packages can hit this too).

NIOAPNS: decided to vote on this next time as Tom was away.


As an update for RedisNIO, the package and repo name have been changed to match since June 6th.