July 7th, 2022


Action items from previous meetings

  • @tomerd to share swift server survey with the core team before publishing it
  • @adam-fowler to try the LSP way of obtaining the test info, and close the SwiftPM issue if all set.
  • @adam-fowler to follow up with @ktoso on listing tests issue / nightly toolchain mismatch
  • @0xTim to share a proof of concept WebAuthn library
  • @ktoso to publish 5/25 notes
  • @tachyonics to publish 6/15 notes
  • @0xTim to publish 6/22 notes


Generalizing middleware

We are exploring generalizing middleware APIs that can be used on both client and servers, for example circuit breaking and exponential backoff on the client.

  • the team had an initial meeting to discuss ideas
  • @tachyonics prototyping with some of the proposed APIs
  • @fabianfett to organize follow up meeting

Property wrappers on server use cases

@0xTim and @graskind put together a write up about property wrappers performance issues / usage patterns which they would like to share with @hborla. after initial feedback, will also share more broadly on the forums


  • [AI] @adam-fowler and @Patrick are working on a prototype, preparing to share soon
  • Suggested strategy is to get a working prototype, then make it public, so its easier for others to be able to weight in based on “running code”. @Patrick to finalize.
  • Code location will be decided with @mishal_shah

Swift on Server on AWS

  • [AI] @davmoser suggested coming up with a canonical example app that we can use across all of our deployment examples
  • [AI] Similarly we can also create a canonical DB access example with different databases, eg. MongoDB, DynamoDB, Postgres, etc
  • These (along side other Swift server guides) should end up on the Swift server area on swift.org

Deployment plugins

  • @tachyonics created a prototype deployment SwiftPM plugin targeting AWS, made good progress but some issues remain before it can be used and shared more broadly
  • [AI] @tachyonics to continue and work on the prototype, and let the group know when we can help

GitHub support for Swift packages