July 29th, 2020


  • Tom Doron
  • Peter Adams
  • Tanner
  • Todd Varland
  • Simon Pilkington
  • Kaitlin Mahar
  • Logan


Backtrace Pitch

All agreed that backtrace had met the requirements to be listed.

Action : Tanner to post result to the forum and update the ecosystem index.

Distributed Tracing

The question was raised if the distributed tracing project needs more input.

Action : Tom to contact Konrad

Connection Pooling

It was agreed that there are enough connection pooling use cases in existence that it might now be the right time to create a basic connection pool which could be used in libraries which don’t require specialist knowledge. MongoDb has a spec of what they require from a connection pool which could be useful input - https://github.com/mongodb/specifications/blob/master/source/connection-monitoring-and-pooling/connection-monitoring-and-pooling.rst

Action : Peter to ask Cory to present the connection pool he has created for redis at the next SSWG to start a discussion of what further requirements exist.

SMTP Client

Tom asked if there was a community need for a Swift SMTP client. The general consensus was that there are insufficient known use cases to justify the effort.

Service Lifecycle

This has recently been open sourced by Tom. He made an informal pitch the the group to gauge interest - it turns out there is sufficient to justify him continuing his work and will write a proposal for adoption into the ecosystem index at a later date.

Action : Tom to write proposal document.

Codable XML

Simon asked if there was any progress towards a good solution to this problem. There are a number of existing known solutions but none are currently on the ecosystem index.

Action : Tanner to contact some of the currently known maintainers to ask if they would be interested in pitching their implementation.

Action : Simon to assess the situation and needs internal to his organisation.


Tanner asked if additional work into making Futures more usable would be justified. It was concluded that a large amount of effort in this area could not be justified as swift language authors intend to solve this problem area at the language level.

Swift Closures

Many are frustrated by the language behaviour surrounding compile time errors in closures. Tom reminded everyone to raise frustrations with the swift language team to guide their work.

Action : Everyone to raise any frustrations with the swift language team.

Swift Package Manager

Lack of support for calling out from SPM to other tools was acknowledged as a barrier to some development.

Action : Tom to add to the list of SPM feature requests.

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