July 25th, 2019



  • @johannesweiss Communicate with Swift.org Blog team to schedule an SSWG update post on or before October 30th. @tanner0101 will write the post, he just needs to know when the deadline is
  • GCP stack driver: follow up on the thread, ask if he wants to submit a pitch @tanner0101
  • We don't have quorum today, so we'll vote next time on Nathan's proposal for badges. @johannesweiss will add to the agenda
  • Find sponsor for MongoDB client, preferrably someone that knows MongoDB well.
  • @tanner0101 check if anyone in the community is intetersted in distributed tracing API.
  • Security advisory posted for APNSwift issue.
    • We should setup a push system for security advisories.
    • SPM should have a system for checking GitHub security advisories.
  • Guidelines should be updated to include rules around usage of Unsafe APIs in Swift
    • We should think about how we want to notify maintainers about changes.