July 20th, 2022

Meeting notes 2022-07-20

Action items from previous meetings

  • @tomerd to share swift server survey with the core team before publishing it
  • @adam-fowler to try the LSP way of obtaining the test info, and close the SwiftPM issue if all set.
  • @adam-fowler and @Patrick are collaborating on a prototype a private repo, preparing to share more publicly soon
  • Deployment plugins: @tachyonics to continue and work on the prototype, and let the group know when we can help

Swift Crypto and missing APIs


  • @0xTim raised that a number of async/await APIs are still missing from the swift-corelibs-foundation:

Client and Server Middleware

Simon has made some progress with a Client and Server prototype. Is waiting for feedback.

  • Largest pain point was the lack of standardized http types.
  • Fabian asked for a write up around those APIs to learn more about Simons thoughts
  • Fabian has scheduled a follow up meeting.

How to Guide Update

  • @davmoser want's to create a basic Vapor Application example with some Mongo sprinkled into it.
    • Dave made some great progress there.
    • Dave want's to add it to the guides.
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Big +1 to getting this landed - this is something that I need for AWS Lambdas I'm working on, and we currently don't have a great solution for async file I/O on Linux.

I've had a partially written proposal in my queue for a while now to propose exactly this: a CoreHTTP library that includes HTTP currency types (with optional Foundation connections) that can be reused throughout the ecosystem. I currently maintain my own set of them for Alamofire and I'd really like to make them universal through Alamofire, NIO, and Vapor. Has there been any additional progress on this point?