July 11th. 2019

attendees : @Logan_Wright @tanner0101 @IanPartridge @Chris_Bailey @johannesweiss @tomerd

backtraces : @IanPartridge making progress on the library, replaced the backend to libbacktrace and it looks good. next steps are to integrate with demangler, after that we can start thinking about public API, integrations and making a SSWG pitch

http-client : tagged, kitura team already integrated into a branch and so far so good

docker: we still dont have docker nightlies: @tomerd to check in with @mishal_shah


next talks about swift-server / SSWG status should focus on current projects, beyond the ones we covered in try-swift! tokyo on feb, including: postgres, redis, http-client, apns-client, metrics backend (promethious and statsd), backtraces and distributed tracing

pitches and proposals

=> prometheus proposal: shaping up well, next step is a “feedback” proposal thread. @tomerd to check in with author

=> foundationdb-client: @tomerd to check with the foundationdb team interest in putting through the sswg incubation process

=> potential new pitches from vapor:

  • websocket client
  • mysql/mariadb client
  • web-form multipart library

=> potential database/storage client from kitura:

  • couchedb/cloudant client
  • mqtt
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