Job board?

Is there anywhere appropriate here to post job openings or is there an off-site popular Swift job board I can post to?

You can try to post here:

Maybe someone else can chime in with a great place where to do it.


Hello! Thanks for mentioning iOS Dev Jobs @fassko!

It's funny you should ask this question this week @bcardarella as iOS Dev Jobs is in the process of a major re-launch. The main announcement of the new site is tomorrow, but it's actually already live since yesterday. :shushing_face:

The big change is personalisation for people looking for a job. They can now set filters so they'll only receive the jobs that are in locations where they are able to work. They can set filters on remote or on-site, and then say what timezones they can work remotely in, or what countries/states for on-site work.

There's free listings as well as a paid one where you'll also get a mention in iOS Dev Weekly, but all jobs go to the email subscribers and users of the iOS and macOS apps.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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