January 9th, 2020



  • New maintainer needed for Docker images
  • @tanner0101 will reach out to @graskind
  • Looking for someone interested in making Swift Distroless image
  • @tomerd will follow up about nightly Docker releases

SwiftNIO Governance Model:

  • @tomerd will continue working on this document




  • @tanner0101 is following up on Vapor Chat discussion about potential tracing pitch
  • @tomerd noted that async context passing will be a hurtle we need to overcome


  • @tanner0101 will follow up on the forum pitch, testing integration with Vapor
  • @johannesweiss will follow up with maintainers to see if there's anything they need from SSWG before moving forward
  • @timburks will do client side review of gRPC library usability

Graduating from Sandbox

  • Maintainers can request that their project be reviewed for promotion
  • Outside of requests, the SSWG will schedule reviews of all packages and determine promotions
  • @tomerd will conduct the first such review next meeting

Expanding package index

  • @tanner0101 proposed a breaking changes addendum to the proposal process. This could require packages to adopt new versions of critical libraries, like SwiftNIO, within certain time frames like is already required for Swift versions.
  • @tomerd will follow up on this next meeting as the SSWG continues to discuss future expansions of the package index

Does the ServerSide.swift Slack have an invitation page or is it strictly for members of the SSWG?

It was created for the ServerSide.swift conference I believe. @0xTim can probably post the invite link here.

@clayellis et al - here is the invitation link for the conference Slack. Anyone is free to join, please feel free!

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