January 20th, 2021

Attendance: @varland, @tomerd, @kmahar, @0xTim, @tachyonics, @ktoso, @johannesweiss

  • Admin
    • Adopt rotating facilitator and note taking role.
    • Alphabetical, by first name
  • [AI @kmahar] Document how we run the meeting
  • [AI @johannesweiss] cleanup 1/6 notes, and team to review for publishing publicly
  • Carry over AI from 1/6
    • @tomerd to contact Rosetta and Docker to see if more can be found out about both ARM based docker and the possibility of running x64 emulated docker on Apple Silicon.
    • @graskind and @0xTim to pick up getting the SQLite and MySQL libraries into the SSWG incubator.
    • @ktoso to review the concurrency guidance we have today and make proposal on how they would need to change for async/await
  • Discussion about changes we want from the concurrency proposals wrt to custom executor so we can prevent context switching / thread hops on server use cases like NIO based servers since NIO manages its own thread pools.
  • Discussion about Swift Package Manager registry proposal (SE-0292).
  • Discussion about the idea of supporting code generation in SwiftPM.