I've translated "The Swift Programming Language" documents into Korean

Hi there, :smile:

I'm Tommy who is a big fan of Swift and a iOS senior developer in Korea.
Thank you so much for inventing the awesome language and putting your efforts and time on make it better and better.

I want to let you know about some translation. I've translated "The Swift Programming Language" documents into Korean. Here is the link (https://jusung.gitbook.io/the-swift-language-guide/) and a screenshot of the main page.

I'm posting this with hope that this information could be added to the translations section in the "The Swift Programming Language" page. So more Korean who have some language huddle would know the translated version of documents are exist or some other people could get involved to translate it with me.

At the moment the translated pages based on Swift 4.1. Even if it doesn't include the latest version like 5.0 or 5.1 but I'm planning for it. Also I'm thinking to translate other pages such as "Getting Started", "API Design Guidelines" and so on and support these as pdf, epub files and ebook on iBooks so more Korean will be able to easily read it later.

It would be very helpful if I can get a chance to reach Korean or find some contributors and work together to complete all these goals throw the page in the translations section.

Again, I really appreciate for your passion and time on Swift.
Let me know what do you think about it.


BTW, I'm 10 years blogger and published my startup story to iBooks before.
If you have interested in here is the links. But those are written in korean. :slight_smile:


Why not translate the Standard Library itself in package form?

let 패키지 = Package(name: "칼새과", /* ... */)
public typealias 배열 = Array
extension 배열 {
    public typelias 원소 = Element
    @inlinable public var 첫째: 원소? {
        return first
// ...

(I don’t actually speak Korean; I cheated by flipping Wikipedia’s language setting back and forth. But you get the idea.)

Korean always use english in programming. Using native language in programming is unfamiliar thing.
BTW, thank you for the suggestion. :smile:

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