It's possible to develop with Swift on Debian GNU/Linux with Docker?

Hello community!

I'm new to your language (Swift) :crazy_face: I find it an interesting, powerful and fast programming language, but in order to continue my involvement with this, I need to solve a compatibility problem.

I do not have a Apple computer. I only use Debian GNU/Linux operating system.
So, can I developing with Swift through Debian GNU/Linux ?

I have Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch) operating system and I'd like to write Swift (even if it's just scripts) to later give it to a friend who has Mac pc, to integrate them into the iOS app that it does.

As I can see from the official Swift page, they do not support the Debian distribution, support only Ubuntu.

So I was thinking if I could use the official Docker image.
But the problem here is, how do I want to developing code on Swift rather than just running an Swift application. ( For the just code execution/testing I saw a very interesting guide here. )

The Clion IDE, which supports the Swift language, as it makes sense it can't find it anywhere in the system:

Is it possible to attach the CLion IDE with the Docker container and see/recognize and use the Swift language from there?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

@yeswolf may be able to help you with that CLion question.

It's not, because the usual case is to a) develop locally b) run/debug remotely in the Docker container. The remote debug is currently not supported, running in Docker is possible as described here.

@svanimpe @yeswolf Thank you for your prompt and informative answer.
I also saw the case of remote development, but I didn't succeed. :frowning:
So for now, unfortunately nothing can be done ?

According to the following article Swift 4.2.1 for Ubuntu 18.04 works on Debian 9. Perhaps newer Swift versions work as well.