Issue in importing header files from local package

Hi All,
In my project the I have a local package just for example:
- ObjCSources
- include
- Maths.h (symlink)
- ABCore
- Maths.h
- Maths.m
- Package.Swift

In the project where I am integrating this local package, I have an objective C class "ViewController.h",
in this class when I add import statement like this "import "Maths.h" , it is throwing compilation error
" 'Maths.h' file not found ".

However if I change access of file "ViewController.h" to project, then it works fine.

Please note that I need to keep class "ViewController.h" as public as I need to add it to Umbrella Header as it is also used in swift file. Also the project target is Framework

Any help is appreciated