Issue building with Swift 4.2 release for Ubuntu 16.04


(Eric Blair) #1

I was attempting to build an SPM project on an Ubuntu 16.04 system that has the release package of Swift 4.2 installed from

When building, I'm getting an permission denied error accessing swift-4.2-RELEASE-ubuntu16.04/usr/lib/swift/CoreFoundation/module.modulemap. Looking at the CoreFoundation directory, it seems like all the files are set with permissions 640 and, with my install, the user and group were root:root.

For comparison, the files in the other usr/lib/swift subdirectories had 644 as the permission. In the Ubuntu 18.04 download, the files in the CoreFoundation directory also had 644 as their permissions.

I checked this against a clean download of both the 16.04 and 18.04 packages. I'm not sure if there are other problematic-seeming permissions in there.