Is there "CHECK-NO-<arch>" that excluds the <arch>, but applies to all other archs?

In Validation test cases, CHECK is used to FileCheck on all platforms,
CHECK-s390x is applied to only s390x platform.
I wonder if there is CHECK-NO-s390x that is applied to all platforms except s390x.

If answer is no, should I list all platforms other than s390x, like
CHECK-x86_64 for the above purpose?


Just to provide complete info:

  1. I have generally seen people write checks for each platform.
  2. There is a FileCheck negative check (CHECK-s390x-NOT) that looks similar text wise to what you are talking about, but does something different. It would make sure that when run with the CHECK-s390x prefix a line doesn't appear.
  3. You may want to try implementing something and getting a patch into FileCheck upstream. Seems like something that is generally useful. My only fear off the top of my head is that if one adds an additional platform saying run this for all other prefixes except CHECK-s390x may eventually just reduce to the original case where all prefixes need to be specified by themselves.

Thank @Michael_Gottesman.

It seems that CHECK-s390x only apply to test cases in .sil but not .swift files.
Is there platform specific checks working in .swift?