Is there any easy way to see the entire protocol hierarchy of something like `Array` or `Double`?

Such as FloatingPoint or RandomAccessCollection? I want to see the whole relationship graph of eveything from the root to each leaf


I remember seeing a graph-like view like this but couldn’t find the website. I like this one though, there isn’t a graph view but you can see the inheritance chain

1 Like has a view protocol hierarchy link but it seems it's only available for swift 4.2 and below.


I wish there was a tool that can help you explore a Swift module. For example, Xcode can generate an interface for a module when you "Jump to Definition", but it's not available on Linux as far as I'm aware.

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I look around and cannot find anyway to navigate to the view hierarchy of Array, but replacing Int with Array works:

Are these graph manually created? Too bad the nodes are not clickable link.

This is great, exactly what I need.

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