Is there a way to get Mac OS to stop complaining about a self-built toolchain?

I'm using a self-built toolchain with Xcode per the instructions at When I use Xcode to build & run the swift-driver, I get three popups in a row like this:

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 10.04.02 AM

I also can't point the driver to my self-built swift-frontend in that .xctoolchain because it fails for the same reason. I was able to work around this by copying the swift-frontend binary out of the .xctoolchain, but I still get the popups every time I build & run the driver from Xcode.

Everything works fine from the command-line; I can swift run swift-driver with no problem, and point it to the swift-frontend from my toolchain.

Is there a way to "bless" my toolchain so the OS stops complaining about it? I tried things like

spctl --global-disable
spctl --add ~/Library/Developer/swift-LOCAL-2021-11-08-a.xctoolchain

to no avail.

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