Is there a way to Close or delete an account?

On the account preferences there appears to be no way to close or delete an account.

Is there a way to close an account, delete the records/etc. I don't really use this site that much and have no need for an account at this time.

From what I can tell Discourse prevents users from wholesale deleting their accounts once they cross a threshold of time/number of posts. Jeff Atwood recommends deleting all your posts (which should be easy enough for you, as the number is pretty low), but it's unclear to me whether Jeff is implying that the option to self-delete should reappear at that point.

Otherwise, this is something that @forum_admins should be able to help you with.

If the deletion of your topics/posts isn't necessary, the forum admins can Anonymize your profile. For example:

If you only want to stop receiving emails:

  1. Change both of the "Send me an email…" options to "never".

  2. Uncheck the "Activity Summary" and "Mailing list mode" options.

  3. Click the "Save Changes" button.

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