Is there a minimum HTTP request body length?

this is sort of the opposite question to this question. if there is a low application POST body size limit, say 8 KB, can we assume this request will be read as a single ByteBuffer?


NIO feeds the bytes as the network has them, and doesn't do any internal buffering of its own. The result is that we cannot assume we will get a read of a single specific size.

If this use-case is important to you, can I ask you to file a bug report on the repo? It's conceivably something we could add support for, potentially without requiring any buffering on at least some platforms.

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it’s not really that important of a use-case, i was only wondering if i was duplicating work that NIO already does internally by copying to a new buffer. if there are no performance wins to be gained by re-using NIO’s buffer allocations, it is a lot easier to transfer everything to [UInt8], because things that don’t link NIO (like BSON decoders) can speak [UInt8].

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