Is there a limit to how many edits you can make to a post?

I actively try to improve the clarity of my questions and give better examples. This results in me editing my posts a lot. When I first joined the forums I got banned because I made 2 edits not very far apart and have been traumatised to make edits ever since.

Was this a if isNewAccount && isEditingTooMuch { banCuzProbablyABot() } moment or is there a genuine limit to how many edits you can make to a post before it's considered spam?


Sorry, I can't answer the question but I also had a small "experience" with edits:
I created my first thread, then edited the initial post about 5 minutes later. When I checked again a couple of minutes later, the thread was hidden and put in a queue to be reviewed by a human, which took about a day.
Not sure if that happens to all posts by new users or if it is indeed an edit thing but in the meantime I've edited multiple posts in the same thread and I'm still here, so maybe that's changed since.