Is there a convenient way to combine different macros?

For example, I have two different member macros that can generate some new methods for a struct. When I need to use them simultaneously, I have to invoke them sequentially. I'm wondering if there is a way, similar to the '&' in protocols, to combine different macros.

struct Test {}

struct Test {}

I tried using expression macros to invoke other macros, but I found that the code generated by macros is not subject to second-level expansion by the compiler, and this approach doesn't work.

// @macroA ERROR: Expected macro expansion to produce an expression
// @macroB ERROR: Expected declaration
struct Test {}

Is there any other way to meet my requirements? I urgently need to combine some macros with small granularity of functionality.

I don't think there is a way to combine them. Certainly, the & operator won't help here.

My recommendation is to define a third macro, that does what the two other macros macroA and macroB would do together.

Up to now, I defined new macros to achieve this, which results in some duplicated logic code and has caused trouble in subsequent maintenance. I hope that Swift's official support for such features can be considered in the future